Borrego Cimarron

This Conservation Program was put into effect as an attempt to protect and increase the population of Weemsi desert bighorn sheep in Southern Baja California. Prior to this program, the Mexican Government held a draw every year for as many permits as they deemed reasonable. After bringing in biologists and wildlife experts, the Government realized that they needed a controlled conservation effort to keep this subspecies from dying out completely. The resulting program, "Proyecto para la Conservacion, Manejo Y Aprovechamiento Sustentable del Borrego Cimarron en Mexico" , involves the local peoples who own the land that the animals live on.

These people are organized into groups by their land rights. They are called Ejido's and are run similarly to the American Indian reservations.) They are mostly ranchers and farmers with meager incomes and have been living off the meat of the bighorn on their lands for centuries. To give these people a reason to not only to stop killing these animals for food, but to actually attempt to protect them and manage them, the Government had to come up with a way to pay them. This program provides that.

These local peoples who have been hunting and killing these animals for their entire lives are now given an opportunity to do so for profit. These are the ones who will be guiding your hunt, setting up your camps, and preparing your meals. Centuries of hunting these terrains is what makes these men the best experts you will find anywhere.

The monies raised from the sale of the permits will cover the costs of the 10 day camp, food and drinks, transport, etc., pay for the yearly aerial census, as well as provide these jobs for the locals who are now protecting, managing, recording, supporting the growth of, and conducting the hunts for the desert bighorn sheep in their areas.

The number of permits sold to these local peoples will be determined by the number of mature rams that have been officially recorded by aerial census each year.

When you purchase a permit to hunt and shoot a trophy bighorn in Southern Baja, you are also contributing to the future of these beautiful animals and ensuring future bighorn hunts for years to come.

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