Anyone who has hunted sheep knows what a significant investment in time and money a sheep hunt can be. Deciding who to trust to make that once in a lifetime hunt successful and enjoyable experience was, to me, a major leap of faith. I was extremely fortunate to land with Ty Miller and El Fuerte Outfitters.

From our first phone conversation until well after my hunt was over and I was back home Ty has been helpful, honest, professional, and organized. All paperwork permits, and inspections were handled very efficiently. Glitches were few and quickly resolved.

My hunt area was awesome---remote, rugged, and beautiful. Through the hard work of my guides I was able to take a very nice ram. It was a challenging hunt but most sheep hunters wouldn't have it any other way.

As much as I enjoyed the hunt, and as pleased as I am with the ram that I took, equally as memorable are the people that I met and the friends that I made. Not only is Ty Miller a first class outfitter, he is also deeply committed to the welfare of the desert bighorn sheep. He realizes that they are an irreplaceable resource that needs to be conserved and protected. My guides, Jorge and Alvaro, are simple, hardworking people who know the country, know sheep hunting, and love what they do.

To all of my friends at El Fuerte Outfitters, my deepest thanks for an experience that I will never forget. If you are looking for a desert bighorn sheep hunt, look no further than Ty Miller and El Fuerte Outfitters. Dan Baker 724-962-5537