I arrived in camp on the first day expecting nothing but a group of guys trying to set up camp and looking desperately for sheep. Instead I found the opposite. A camp totally organized and needing my immediate attention. Guides Jose, Victor, Juan Antonio and Kiki already had rams spotted! Ty just laughed carelessly exiting the vehicle, business as usual for the El Fuerte camp. I couldn’t be more impressed. During the seven days that I hunted sheep with El Fuerte Outfitters, I counted well over 50 sheep and 18 mature rams. Eight of which were absolute trophy quality. I shot my ram on the seventh day after a long evening stalk that will go down as the most memorable hunting experience of my life. This was my second sheep with El Fuerte Outfitters. Ty and his Guides are in my opinion the best in Baja Mexico. -Scott Jankowski 970 533 7763