From the moment youíre whisked through the airport process in Cabo you know that Ty Miller is in control and everything is going to be great. Ty is Mr. Baja! He was on top of every detail every step of the way. He is such a gracious host. We were not able to even pay for the ice cream stops along the road. I had no idea that Mexico had such tough terrain though. Though we saw sheep every day we hunted hard until the ninth day when the guides put me on the ram of my dreams. The guides are awesome. They can find the needle in the haystack! It was as Ty had advised us; we not only had great guides, we made great friends. Iím not used to the pampering I got on this trip. The comfortable and beautiful camp, the great food, the rugged beauty of the desert mountains, these are memories that will last a lifetime. Had I shot my ram early in the hunt I would not have appreciated the essence of the real desert bighorn sheep hunt. If youíre looking for lifetime memories with an outfitter of great integrity and concern for not only his clients but the sheep as well, this is the hunt! Randy Rockwell, 970-630-0224